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Wichita Chisholm Trail Marathon runner celebrating at the finish line Wichita Chisholm Trail Marathon runner celebrating at the finish line
You ask. We answer.


Is the course certified?
Yes, the Chisholm Trail Marathon and Half Marathon are both USATF and RRCA certified courses.

Can I push a stroller on the course?
Yes, here at the Chisholm Trail Marathon we are mom/dad-friendly and we know sometimes that running with the little ones is the only option. If you have trained with your stroller and are ready for the challenge then please line up at the back of corral C.

Are wheelchairs welcome?
No. Unfortunately, at this time the course is not set up for a wheelchair division.

Can I have a friend run with me if he/she is not registered for the race?
No. All participants must be registered and have their race bib number displayed so it's easily visible.

How many aid stations are on the course and what will they have available?
There will be aid stations located along the course every two miles.  Each aid station will be stocked with Powerade and water. Aid stations along 2nd street near the finish of both the half and full will offer energy gels.

Is the race course flat?
That answer is a resounding yes! Please check the map link on the course and timing page for elevation chart. There is only one slight incline on the course located near mile 3. It is a gradual 75 ft incline that is actually downhill on the other side of the loop heading back west on 2nd street to the finish.

Where are the Porta Potties located on the course?
There will be Porta Potties located at the Start/Finish area and one at every aid station along the course.

Is there an early start?
No. The half and the full will both start at the same time, promptly at 7:30 am.

I overslept, can I start the race late?
Yes, if you hurry! We will keep the start line open for two minutes after the last runner has crossed the start line. After that, the Wichita Chisholm Trail Marathon start line will be closed.

Will there be Pace Teams?
Yes, we will have pacers for the full marathon that will act as pacers for the first loop of the half marathon as well. For example, if your desired finish time for the half is 2 hr, then follow the 4-hour marathon pace group as they will complete the first loop of the course in the 2hr time.

Can I wear an iPod, in-ear music device during the race?
Yes, we know a lot of runners enjoy the long run with their favorite music. The Chisholm Trail Marathon would encourage responsible use of such devices. Please be aware and respectful of other participants at aid station interchanges and at road crossings when instructions may need to be heeded from a WPD officer or Race official.


Can I register on the day of the race?

How do I know that my registration went through when I signed up online?
You will receive an email confirming your registration shortly after completing the online process.  Please keep this email for reference should any questions regarding your registration occur.  

Why haven’t I received an email confirmation?
It could be that your computer’s spam filter has blocked the email confirmation that was sent to you.  Please check your spam/junk mail folder and move to your “allowed senders” list.

Will I receive a confirmation in the mail?

Do you limit the number of runners in each race?
There are registration limits for each race. Please refer to those race pages for each participant limit.

What are the age restrictions?
The minimum age to participate in the half marathon is 12 years old. The minimum age to participate in the marathon is 16 years old.

Where is the runners VIP area located?
If you signed up for the VIP option at registration you will be able to access the VIP area located at the Monarch on 579 W. Douglas right near the start/finish line of the marathon.


Is the race timed?
Yes, the Chisholm Trail Marathon and Half will be using a disposable timing chip that is attached to the back of each runner's bib. The disposable chip requires no battery, is lighter than a feather and has a built-in microprocessor customized to ensure maximum reads even during the most challenging of conditions.  No chips or tags to return post-race.  No bib, No chip, No Time.

Where and when do I get my timing device?
Your timing device will be available to you when you pick up your race packet at the GetFit Wichita Expo. It will be attached to your race number. Please check to make sure your number and bib are correct. If not, see the Problem Solving desk at the Expo.

What is chip time, and how is it different from gun time?
Chip time is recorded by a timing device that is attached to your race number. The device records the time the participant crosses the start line, the finish line and several locations on the course. The Chip time is often shorter than gun time because chip time begins when the participant crosses the start line while gun time starts when the gun is fired; many participants do not cross the start line until several minutes after their official gun time has begun.

Why use a timing device?
A timing device is a more accurate measure than gun time of how long it takes a participant to complete the race. Gun time is only 100% accurate for the first row of runners who cross the start line when the gun sounds.

What if the chip gets wet?
The device is completely weatherproof and will work regardless of rain, heat, storms, humidity or other inclement conditions.

Start Line

How should I line up at the start line?
The start line and start corrals are secure areas for participants only.  The intent of the corral start is to ensure a positive race experience and provide all participants the same opportunity for a quick, smooth and safe start with sufficient room to run/walk along the race course. Athletes should line up in the start corral that corresponds to the letter on his/her race number. Start corrals were assigned based on the estimated finish time given at registration.
As a reminder, a participant’s official time does not begin until he or she crosses the start line. The timing system provides each participant with an accurate time from the start line to finish line.

If you do not give an estimated finish time, you will automatically be assigned to the C Corral.
You must qualify to be placed in Corral A and Corral B (see details below on how to be placed in Corral A or Corral B).

How do I qualify for placement in Corral A and Corral B?
To qualify for placement in Corral A or B each participant must submit an estimated marathon/half finishing time at registration. Corral A is for the marathon time of 3:15 or less for the full and 1:30 or less for the half. Corral B qualifying time is 3:16-4:00 and half 1:31-2:00.

How far is the start line from the finish line?
The start and finish of the full marathon are located in the same place. The start of the half is located with the full but finishes after the first loop on its own finish line on the Douglas Bridge.

Where does the race start and finish?
The marathon and half start at 535 W. Douglas in front of MilkFloat. The full marathon finishes in front of MilkFloat at 535 W. Douglas. The Half Marathon finishes at its own finish line on the north side of the Douglas Street bridge after the westbound turn from Waco Ave.

Where do I park race morning?
There is ample parking in Delano around the race start. Lawrence Dumont Stadium (300 S Sycamore St) is situated right near the start and provides a perfect place for in and out traffic from the race.   

What time should I get there on race day?
The VIP opens at 6 am and the corral's open at 6:30 am. Arrive with enough time to familiarize yourself with the area before the race.

What time does the race start?
The Chisholm Trail Marathon and Half Marathon both start at 7:30 am Sunday, March 24, 2019.

Boston Qualifying

Is the Wichita Chisholm Trail Marathon a Boston Qualifier?
Absolutely! In fact, the Wichita course is extremely flat and only has 12 turns. The 13.1-mile double loop course makes it easy to gauge pace for the second half of the marathon when times get tough!

How do I submit my time to the Boston Marathon?
When registering for the Boston Marathon, enter your finishing time, finishing place, the race name and location, and the date of the race in the section entitled “Qualification Information.” Be sure to indicate if the time you enter is gun time or chip time.

Will the BAA check to confirm my time?
Yes. The Chisholm Trail Marathon will send a complete list of finishers to the BAA. The time that you put on your Boston Marathon registration will be checked against the official time that they have on file. For any other questions concerning qualification for the Boston Marathon, please contact the Boston Athletic Association.


How do I become a Sponsor of the Wichita Chisholm Trail Marathon?
For information on becoming a sponsor please contact Mike Langston/Race Director @ 316-249-6639 or by e-mail at

Are hotel discounts available for participants?
Yes, refer to the list of hotels and special rates found on the "Travel" section on the Participate tab on this website.

Can I get a late check-out at my hotel?
We have no way of controlling whether or not a hotel will give a late checkout.  If you would like a late checkout, you must make those arrangements with your hotel.

When and where will the finishing times be posted?
Unofficial results will be posted Monday following the race at We are not responsible and have no control over incorrect unofficial results that may be printed and/or broadcast by media outlets immediately following the race. Results will not be certified as official for at least two weeks following the race. Official results will be posted on the results page.

Is there a post-race party?
Yes! After you have run your heart out at the Chisholm Trail Marathon and Half please continue to enjoy your celebration of our city with live music and delicious farm to table food from Public at the Brickyard. Conveniently located along the course in the heart of downtown Wichita at 129 N. Rock Island Road.

What is your refund policy?
No refunds will be issued. This includes requests made due to injury, surgery, pregnancy, personal circumstances, date conflicts and professional commitments.  This is an industry standard policy and not unique to our event.

What is your race change policy?
Please e-mail with race change availability. We allow changing from full to half or half to full provided the race is not sold out.

Participant Race Packet and Packet Pick up

When is packet pick up?
Packet pickup will be available from 9 am till 5 pm at the GEtFit Wichita Expo inside The Mid America All-Indian Center located at 650 N. Seneca St.


I want to drive on the morning of the race or I am unable to make it to the expo on Saturday. Can I have my packet mailed to me in advance?
Unfortunately, we do not have access to race numbers or race shirts prior to the Expo, making it impossible to mail them in advance of the event.  We do, however, allow a proxy or representative (friend, family member, co-worker or training partner) to pick up your race packet for you, provided they have a copy of your registration confirmation, packet pick up authorization form and their photo ID.  You and that representative can then make arrangements to meet on race morning.


Can I pick up my packet on race day?


What is included in my race packet?
Your race number (which has the timing chip attached to it), participant shirt, clear plastic gear check bag and QR code and interactive race billboard will be in your packet.  You are responsible for knowing the information that we provide to you in the interactive race billboard.


What do I need to bring with me to pick up my packet?
Bring your photo ID (must match what is printed on your race packet) and a copy of your confirmation to the expo to pick up your packet.

Gear Check

Where is gear check located?
Gear check for the WCTM participants will be located near the start line. More details as the race gets closer.

How many bags can I leave?
Each participant may leave one bag at gear check on race day. Only the clear plastic gear check bags given to participants at packet pick up will be accepted. Other bags will NOT be accepted. Please write your race number on the outside of gear check bag with a durable marker.  After the finish line area closes, all unclaimed bags will be donated to a local charity on race day. All bags must be picked up by 3:00 pm. No exceptions. The Wichita Chisholm Trail Marathon is not responsible for bags that are not picked up.

Bags not picked up by 3:00 pm will be donated to charity. All items must be in a bag with participant’s name and race number written on the outside of the bag. Volunteers will not accept loose keys or a cell phone. Those items must be in a bag and properly identified.

What if I purchased the VIP option?
If you chose the VIP option on check out then you will have the pleasure of dropping your clear plastic gear check bag inside the Monarch restaurant for retrieval after you finish.


Will there be awards?
Yes. The awards ceremony will be held at 10 am near the start in the Delano district. The overall male and female winners of both the half and full, 2nd place of both races, and 3rd place of both races will be announced. All age group winners will collect their awards at the awards table located near the finish after the race. There is no duplication of awards. 


What will the weather be like on race day?
That is the million dollar question! As runners, we are constantly checking our smartphones weather app a week out before the race. Historically in Wichita, the weather for the third week in March is 37 degrees for the low and 60 degrees for the high.

What happens if it rains?
The race will continue with only precipitation. However, if the weather turns into lightning or becomes a danger to the runners then we will defer to city officials to make a decision.

It is the primary goal of the Wichita Chisholm Trail Marathon to provide and ensure a safe event for participants, volunteers and community attendees alike. We will be diligent in not exposing the participants, the volunteers or the community at large to any undue risk in the production and or execution of the event. We understand the commitment the participants have made in entering the race, however, the decisions regarding race cancellations and/or alterations will be based on the larger community safety as well as the participants. Moreover, if community resources are threatened, we will act to protect them from unnecessary stress.

In regard to weather specifically, the Chisholm Trail Marathon has adopted the WBGT (Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature) index as its standard. High heat and humidity, as measured in accordance with the American College of Sports Medicine recommendations for participation in endurance events, could result in cancellation of the event. WBGT is considered “the most practical heat stress index characterizing the effect of a heat stress environment on the individual.”

When weather conditions or other physical conditions present a danger to the participants as a whole, the Chisholm Trail Marathon maintains the right to cancel the race. Less threatening conditions could cause alteration of the race and/or the race course or length of the race to further ensure participant, volunteer and community safety. The conditions fall under an “Act of God” – and will not result in refunding of any race entry fee or future race credits. the Chisholm Trail Marathon officials, along with officials from the City of Wichita, will make decisions regarding the cancellation or alteration of the race. In the case of a course evacuation, the Chisholm Trail Marathon officials and local law enforcement officials will communicate throughout the race course to direct participants to safe shelters to await transportation back to the start/finish area.

The Chisholm Trail Marathon will use an on-course emergency alert sign system. The sign colors will change with a change in the heat/cold stress level. The staff at the aid stations will know the meaning of each color.
Extreme conditions that are high risk already place a burden on community health care systems, including emergency medical transportation, as well as hospital room capacity. The Chisholm Trail Marathon officials will not knowingly place the community in any such position that will place a burden on overall community safety.

Each participant assumes responsibility when entering an event with the potential risks that a marathon presents. All runners should be discerning of their own fitness level in their decision to enter the marathon. Furthermore, all participants are strongly advised to cooperate with directives given by the Chisholm Trail officials and to assist in ensuring the safety of their fellow participants, especially when conditions are less than ideal.