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Wichita Chisholm Trail Marathon runner shoes hitting the pavement during a race Wichita Chisholm Trail Marathon runner shoes hitting the pavement during a race

Blaze a Trail.

The Chisholm Trail Marathon Organization

The Chisholm Trail Marathon is a non-profit organization comprised of a 12-member board of directors. The president of the organization and race director, Michael Langston is an avid runner who has finished 12 marathons with a PR of 3:20 and a Half PR of 1:26. He has completed the Pikes Peak Ascent twice.

The purpose of this first-year marathon is to foster a premier regional sporting event that magnifies the culture of Wichita while runners and community come together to make a sizable donation to The United Way of the Plains.

Contact us today to learn more and get involved.

The Historic Chisholm Trail and Wichita

In 1864, J.R. Mead established a trading post near the Arkansas River. The following year, Mr. Mead sent Jessie Chisholm southwest with a wagon load of goods to trade with the natives for buffalo hides. Wichita was planned and plotted in this same year.

Within five years, Wichita was an essential hub for cattle drives and the Chisholm Trail was a central route to Dodge City. Today, the Chisholm Trail runs down the middle of bustling downtown Wichita.

Wichita is the largest city in Kansas with almost 650,000 metro-area residents. We boast over 1000 restaurants, 35 beautiful manicured golf courses and three universities, 17 festivals, the seventh-largest zoo in the US and over 100 miles of bicycle paths. Downtown Wichita and Visit Wichita are two great sites to explore more.

With a thriving art and music scene and unique shopping, Wichita is far removed from cattle drives and buffalo hides. During the 20th century, Wichita became known as the air capital of the world.  Today, Wichita is home to numerous world-class companies including Cargill and Koch industries.

Sign up today for the first Chisholm Trail Marathon and help us make history in the heartland!